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Generally, orders will be prepared and set to be delivered 24-48 hours after pay confirmation. Depending on the destination, shipment is provided by Correos Express / GLS / FedEx, featuring order tracking and unsigned delivery. For other options, such as registered/certified deliveries, please contact us. 

Depending on the product type and the destination address, some special conditions may be necessary. They will be specified in the web page of each product, and summarized when processing the order (cart page).


Estimated delivery times

Delivery times are calculated in business days (Mon-Fri). Exceptional situations beyond our responsibility (strikes, extreme weather, borders blockings, emergencies, etc.), may increase the delivery time. On special occasions, such as Christmas or Easter, deliveries may be delayed one or two days.

Orders placed before 10:00 on a business day will be processed and shipped the same day. Orders placed after 10.00 on a business day will be processed next business day.

Pecatum not be held liable for delays in customs clearance, or if local authorities of the destination country decide to confiscate any element contained in a shipment.


Shipping costs

Shipping costs include transport, insurance and customs clearance in origin. For deliveries to countries outside the EU, customs charges at destination and other taxes (tariffs) are not included; it is the recipient who must pay them upon receipt of goods, whether the merchandise is accepted or not by the recipient.

The following table shows the ESTIMATED shipping costs, according to weight and destination. Final chargeable cost will be displayed upon order cart checkout.


Iberian Peninsula & Islands


<2 Kg

2-5 Kg

5-10 Kg

10-15 Kg

15-18 Kg

18-20 Kg

 Zone 1 (2-4 days)

 Spain - mainland

5,15 €
5,95 €
7,85 €
9,55 €
10,75 €
12,00 €

 Zone (3-4 days)

 Balearic Islands - Majorca

5,80 €
7,00 €
9,20 €
11,35 €
12,15 €
13,35 €

 Zone 3 (4-5 days)

 Canary Islands - Tenerife, Las Palmas

10,70 €
10,70 €
15,95 €
19,25 €
21,65 €
21,65 €

 Zone 4 (5-6 days)

 Ceuta and Melilla

15,00 €
16,50 €
26,25 €
38,95 €
42,50 €
47,00 €

 Zone 5 (4-6 days)


13,75 €
14,50 €
23,95 €
30,95 €
34,25 €
38,00 €

 Zone 6 (5-6 days)


38,50 €
39,80 €
42,00 €
62,50 €
65,35 €
67,25 €

 Zone 7 (5-6 days)

 Portugal - mainland

8,50 €
10,25 €
16,75 €
20,25 €
22,50 €
25,00 €

* Free shipping on all orders over 60€ in Zone 1 (Iberian Peninsula) and Zone 2 (Balearic Islands) and over 200€ in Zone 7 (Portugal). Except alcohol (Winery) and products served cold (such as pies, "hornazos", etc.).

** For special destinations (such as other islands), urgent shipments and orders over 20 kg, please contact us to establish the conditions and shipping costs.




<2 Kg

2-5 Kg

5-8 Kg

8-10 Kg

10-12 Kg

12-15 Kg

15-18 Kg

18-20 Kg

Zone 1 (2-4 days)

Germany, France (mainland)

16,50 €
18,00 €
20,00 €
21,50 €
23,00 €
26,00 €
30,50 €
33,00 €

Zone (3-4 days)

Italy (mainland), Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria

19,00 €
21,00 €
24,00 €
26,50 €
30,00 €
35,00 €
37,00 €
39,00 €

Zone 3 (4-5 days)

Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Switzerland

23,50 €
27,50 €
30,00 €
31,50 €
33,00 €
34,00 €
37,00 €
39,00 €

Zone 4 (5-6 days)

Sweden, Ireland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland

32,00 €
35,00 €
36,00 €
37,50 €
41,00 €
47,00 €
50,00 €
54,00 €

Zone 5 (4-6 days)

Croatia, Serbia, Norway, Bulgaria

49,00 €
60,00 €
61,00 €
62,00 €
64,00 €
65,50 €
67,00 €
70,00 €

Zone 6 (5-6 days)

Greece, Turkey

65,00 €
67,00 €
68,00 €
69,00 €
80,00 €
95,00 €
112,00 €
127,00 €

* Free shipping on all orders over 200€ in Zones 1 & 2.

** For special destinations (such as Sardinia, Corsica and Channel Islands), urgent shipments and orders over 20 kg, please contact us to establish the conditions and shipping costs.

Order tracking

Once the order has been confirmed, we will provide you with a web link and an order number in order to know the status of your order at all times, through the website of the transport provider.


I haven't received my order...

If 3 days aftter delivery established date, you have not received your order, please CONTACT US to find the cause and solve the incidence as quickly as possible.


My order has been returned

The order can be returned to our office if:

  • It can not be delivered after 5 days from the last delivery attempt.
  • You reject the deliverry.
  • The order was damaged or lost during transport.

In either case, we will contact you.



The customer has 14 days to return an order. To make the refund, please contact us.


Return Conditions

  1. Please communicate your desire to return the order within a maximum period of 14 days from its receipt.
  2. Onlly original packaging may be used.
  3. The weight and contents of the returned package must be the same as in the original shipment.
  4. Unless justified reason (wrong order or in bad condition), the customer will be refunded only the amount corresponding to the products cost. Shipping costs (both the original and its return) will be charged to the customer.





How can I pay for my order?

There are three modes of payment in our online store. All of them are 100% safe.

  • Card payment

The following credit and debit cards are accepted as payment methods: Visa, Visa Electron, 4B, Euro6000, MasterCard, American Express and Maestro International.

The number of credit card, expiration date and security number (CVV) are required. All transactions follow a secure payment process with SSL Certificate.

Once the card information is entered, you will be automatically connected to the payment platforms developed by VISA, MasterCard and American Express for user authentication. The card issuer (your bank) will identify the holder before authorizing the online payment. These platforms are completely independent, any detected problem will be directly managed by the bank that issued your card. Pecatum shall NOT store in any case any information regarding data cards or authentication.

  • PayPal

You can pay through your PayPal account. A fast and completely secure method to make online payments.

  • Bank transfer

It is the slowest method. The order will not be processed and shipped until Pecatum receives the transfer and payment reference. A transfer from a foreign bank may take up to 3-5 days to be received. If you send us a proof of the operation, Pecatum may process your order before the transfer is received in our account.


Is it safe?

All payment details are encrypted before they are sent, by means of a SSL Certificate.

Pecatum shall NOT store any information about customers cards. Your data is managed directly by our bank and the platforms developed by VISA, MasterCard, American Expres... Pecatum only has access to shipment data, NOT to bank information.


When is the money charged in my card or bank account?

As in any traditional card payment, it will depend on the type of card (credit or debit), and the conditions that you have contracted with the issuing bank.



Once you complete the payment process at the store, a confirmation email will be sent to you, specifying the order number and the associated payment. As well as any error or incident that may have arisen, and its possible solutions.


B2B and B2C

All prices include Spanish VAT. Our ecommerce It´s a B2C online shop. If you are a company with VAT registration number (ROI in EU), please contact us to place your orders and being invoiced according to VAT regulations.


Intellectual property

Design, source code and website content of www.pecatum.com, are protected by Spanish law regarding the intellectual and industrial property. Its reproduction, distribution or public communication, as a whole or partially, are forbidden without the written permission of Distribuciones Sago CB.


Data Protection and Privacy Policy (L.O.P.D.)

For detailed information, please clicke here.

Availability and updates

reserves the right to discontinue at any time and without notice www.pecatum.com access to the web site . Such interruption, editing or deletion may be temporary or permanent, without this no liability for distributions arising Sago CB.Distribuciones Sago CB reserves the right to discontinue at any time and without notice, the access to www.pecatum.com, as well as to amend or delete the site configuration, the content shown in it and the delivery of any or all of the services provided, either for technical, security or maintenance reasons. Such interruption, editing or deletion may be temporary or permanent, without any liability arising Distribuciones Sago CB.

Use of the website, its content and services

Access to the content and services offered in www.pecatum.com, and the use thereof by the user is carried out at his own risk.

Distribuciones Sago CB is not responsible for any damages you may suffer or the possible technical problems or malfunctions in computer equipment of the user, arising due to:

  • Misuse of the contents or services offered at www.pecatum.com by user.
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  • Illegal actions beyond the control of Distribuciones Sago CB, by third parties.


In www.pecatum.com may be mentioned indirectly and to the information provided , which are trademarks of their respective owners and not making responsible for the misuse that might make third parties regarding such marks

Certain terms and logos registered as trademarks by their respective owners, may be indirectly mentioned at www.pecatum.com for information purposes. PECATUM.COM shall not be responsible for the misuse that third parties might make regarding such marks.



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Cookies policy

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Cookies used at this website

Following the guidelines of the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD), we detail the use of cookies at this website, in order to inform you with the maximum accuracy.

This website may use following own cookies:

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  • PFor any queries about this policy cookies do not hesitate to contact us through the contact section or via email info@pecatum.com.



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