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    A spectacular Gourmet Pack for not to give up on anything! From Iberian Sausage to the best Galician Seafood through an extraordinary Extra Virgin Olive Oil, one of the best cheeses in Spain ... and much more!

    124,90 €
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    Extraordinary Gourmet Pack, heritage of the best Spanish culinary tradition: Iberian Acorn-fed (Ibericos de Bellota) sausages from the prestigious firm "La Hoja del Carrasco" and an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of unequaled qualities to amaze the best gourmets. The highest quality in the best of our Country.

    42,95 €
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    72,90 € In Stock

    Inspiration to the good taste, to the delicate gourmet flavors that will make of this pack an unforgettable experience. A mix of the best of the land and the sea from the hands of a very careful set of gastronomic delights.

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    A dinner with friends? Want to be the king of the gourmet in your own home? We propose a delicious delicatessen pack with excellent products to share with friends to celebrate an unforgettable encounter. Different "Spanish Tapas" that you can combine to surprise your guests.

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    Special selection pack of 5 wonderful specialities by Rosa Lafuente including cockles in brine from the Galician estuaries, queeny scallops in king scallops sauce, fried mussels in pickle sauce, small Spanish sardines in olive oil and clams in brine from the Galician estuaries. Its presented in a special gourmet box.

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    Awesome selection of the best quality products in a perfect combination. From the strongness of the 100% Iberian Acorn-fed Ham and the aged Cheese with Pimenton de la Vera to the softness of the exquisite small Spanish Sardines with ecological olive oil or the always refreshing Sangria Luis The Marinero. And of course an extraordinary Fig spread and the...

    37,90 €
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    31,00 € Available in 4-5 days after order

    Includes: 2 bottles (500 ml) of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, to choose between different varieties: Arbequina Cornezuelo Frantoio1 jar of Olive Jam (150 gr) 1 jar of Marinated Olives (216 gr) 1 jar of Olive Spread (132 gr)

    31,00 €
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    Inspire your senses thanks to this Pack of exclusive gourmet delights from different parts of Spain that represent a range of flavors without equal. The best Galician seafood from Paco Lafuente or the award-winning Rosé Wine Valleoscuro from Benavente joining the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Extremadura or one of the best cheese from Zamora. Let...

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    You don't know which Sangria or Vermouth to choose? Do you give a party and your guests prefer different varieties? We have the solution. In this gourmet pack we present the whole range of Luis The Marinero with a special discount. The best Gourmet gift!

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    Tasting the pâtés range from DelaFuente Gourmet (3 pâté 90 gr. Per unit) including pigeon pâté with Pedro Ximenez, partridge pâté with moscato and quail pâté with Toro wine. Presented in a beautiful wooden box. Net weight: 270 gr.

    10,90 €
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    35,00 € In Stock

    Selection of Iberian Cebo sliced Sausages "Campo Charro" from Salamanca (Spain). 5 units of 100 gr. each. Total weight: 500 gr. Including ham (Jamon), front shoulder ham (Paleta), loin (Lomo), sausage (Chorizo) and salami (Salchichon). You do not have to choose! With this variety you will have all the options to enjoy the best Spanish food. Bon Appetite!

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    96,00 € Available in 4-5 days after order

    A selection of the best traditional products from Castilla Region.

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    Gourmet Pack Iberico by La Hoja del Carrasco, with the best 100% Iberian acorn-fed sausages, presented in sliced format: 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham: 2x100 gr. 100% Iberian acorn-fed front-shoulder ham ("paleta"): 2x100 gr. 100% Iberian acorn-fed chorizo: 1x100 gr. 100% Iberian acorn-fed salami sausage (salchichon): 1x100 gr. Origin Guijuelo, Spain.

    59,95 €
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    27,00 € Available in 4-5 days after order

    Delicate gift presentation of the best Naturvie Extra Virgin Olive Oils. To choose between different varieties: - Arbequina - Cornezuelo - Frantoio If you wish gift boxes with each bottle of a different variety, please fill in the Message field when placing your order.

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    Delicious gourmet hamper for mushrooms lovers. Composed of: Wild Boletus in olive oil (225 gr) Wild mushrooms natural mix (370 gr) Caps of wild Red Pine mushroom (Milk cap) (250 gr) Natural wild Charbonnier (Sooty Head) (250 gr) Paté of wild Boletus with Black Truffle (125 gr) Cream of wild Boletus (500 gr)

    32,00 €
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