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    Red wine Artadi Tempranillo 2015 - 6 months breeding in French oak barrels The clear and elegant profile of the red fruit and the subtle tactile sensation of its tannins draw this wine. Made to enjoy today or to rediscover tomorrow the most generous expression of each vintage. Sober, serious and approachable. DO Rioja - Grape Variety: 100% Tempranillo

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    Awesome selection of the best quality products in a perfect combination. From the strongness of the 100% Iberian Acorn-fed Ham and the aged Cheese with Pimenton de la Vera to the softness of the exquisite small Spanish Sardines with ecological olive oil or the always refreshing Sangria Luis The Marinero. And of course an extraordinary Fig spread and the...

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    Queenie Scallops (Zamburinas) from the Galician Rias in King Scallop sauce with the recognized quality of Conservas Rosa Lafuente. A truly benchmark of good work in the world of the best Galician canned seafood. Ingredients: Queenie Scallops, Olive Oil, tomato, spices, salt. Net weight: 111 gr. Drained weight: 75 gr.

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    You don't know which Sangria or Vermouth to choose? Do you give a party and your guests prefer different varieties? We have the solution. In this gourmet pack we present the whole range of Luis The Marinero with a special discount. The best Gourmet gift!

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    Cured sheep cheese Laurus (from Zamora, Spain) made with sheep's milk and lamb's rennet. Matured in cellar during 6 months. 100% artisanal. 2nd Prize to the Best Semicured Sheep Cheese of Spain at the Madrid's Salon Gourmet 2017. Approximate Net Weight: 1,3 Kg.

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    The variety of Spanish olive with biggest presence outside our borders and that has reached countries like California, Australia, Chile, Argentina, etc. A phenomenal Extra Virgin Olive Oil for those who want to start their trip in the world of high quality oils. Variety: Arbequina. Bottled: 500 ml.

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    Finca La Emperatriz Crianza. Red Wine. Deep, cherry colour, clear and brilliant. Intense nose of red fruits (strawberries and cherries) and other black berries, with floral hints and fine toasted notes. On the palate it is deep and complex, fruity and floral, mineral notes with refined tannins and a long spicy finish. Great flavours, but so easy to drink!

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    The prestige and tradition of Campo Charro company brings us this spectacular Iberian Ham (Spanish Jamon Iberico) from Salamanca (Spain), which owes a great part of its popularity to the use of Iberian pigs raised in freedom Salamanca's pastures.

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    Special selection pack of 5 wonderful specialities by Rosa Lafuente including cockles in brine from the Galician estuaries, queeny scallops in king scallops sauce, fried mussels in pickle sauce, small Spanish sardines in olive oil and clams in brine from the Galician estuaries. Its presented in a special gourmet box.

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    More than a century elaborating the best sausages of Guijuelo (Spain) is what takes to La Hoja del Carrasco to offer us this treasure of the Spanish gastronomy, the best Iberian acorn-fed Chorizo (Sausage). From the careful selection of Iberian pigs and after a meticulous healing process, we taste the wisdom of these artisans recognized inside and outside...

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    Extraordinary Gourmet Pack, heritage of the best Spanish culinary tradition: Iberian Acorn-fed (Ibericos de Bellota) sausages from the prestigious firm "La Hoja del Carrasco" and an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of unequaled qualities to amaze the best gourmets. The highest quality in the best of our Country.

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    Razor Shells in Brine by Paco Lafuente canning company. Selecting only the best seafood and with the experience that brings more than a century of canning tradition. Ingredients: Razor shells, water and salt. Presentation: can with 8-10 units.  Net weight: 115 gr.

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    All the quality of Bodegas Valdepablo in an exceptional Red Sangria elaborated with 100% natural and organic ingredients. Of young and modern design, its flavor is that of Tempranillo grape with mixture of oranges, lemons and cinnamon. A Mediterranean scent and fresh in all its splendor.

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    Gourmet Pack Iberico by La Hoja del Carrasco, with the best 100% Iberian acorn-fed sausages, presented in sliced format: 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham: 2x100 gr. 100% Iberian acorn-fed front-shoulder ham ("paleta"): 2x100 gr. 100% Iberian acorn-fed chorizo: 1x100 gr. 100% Iberian acorn-fed salami sausage (salchichon): 1x100 gr. Origin Guijuelo, Spain.

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