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    The best Delicatessen products come together in this Gourmet Pack whose name tries to pay homage to the small plantations of the Countryside of Castilla (Spain) cared for by families who spend all their effort and affection in the care of their vines.

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    The prestige and tradition of Campo Charro company brings us this spectacular Iberian Ham (Spanish Jamon Iberico) from Salamanca (Spain), which owes a great part of its popularity to the use of Iberian pigs raised in freedom Salamanca's pastures. FREE SHIPPING!!!

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    Giant Mussels from the Galician Rias in pickled sauce of artisan elaboration and with totally natural products (olive oil, vinegar, spices and salt). Format: can with 8 pieces.  Net weight: 111 gr. Drained weight: 75 gr.

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    Selection of Iberian Cebo sliced Sausages "Campo Charro" from Salamanca (Spain). 5 units of 100 gr. each. Total weight: 500 gr. Including ham (Jamon), front shoulder ham (Paleta), loin (Lomo), sausage (Chorizo) and salami (Salchichon). You do not have to choose! With this variety you will have all the options to enjoy the best Spanish food. Bon Appetite!

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    Cured sheep cheese Laurus (from Zamora, Spain) made with sheep's milk and lamb's rennet. Matured in cellar during 6 months. 100% artisanal. 2nd Prize to the Best Semicured Sheep Cheese of Spain at the Madrid's Salon Gourmet 2017. Approximate Net Weight: 1,3 Kg.

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    Red wine Cambrico Tempranillo 2009. Sierra de Salamanca Appellation of Origin. Spain. Type of grape: Tempranillo 100%. 110 years old vines. Production: 914 bottles. Alcohol: 14,5% vol. Certified Organic, Ecological Wine by CAECyL.

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    Youthful design but no less serious and rigorous in its content, this wonder of Extra Virgin Olive Oil astonish all those who try it. The preferred olive oil of Pecatum Gourmet Foods customers. An easy and extraordinarily well structured Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Varieties: Manzanilla cacerena, verdial, cornezuelo, picholin, picuda. Bottled: 500 ml.

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    Special selection pack of 5 wonderful specialities by Rosa Lafuente including cockles in brine from the Galician estuaries, queeny scallops in king scallops sauce, fried mussels in pickle sauce, small Spanish sardines in olive oil and clams in brine from the Galician estuaries. Its presented in a special gourmet box.

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    From Salamanca, the cradle of the best hams and sausages, the famous "Campo Charro" company, presents us this magnificent Iberian front-shoulder ham (Paleta) weighing approximately 5 kg. If you prefer the taste of the front-shoulder ham (Paleta) to regular ham or simply want to enjoy this Iberian product in the reasonable weight of 5 kg, here you have an...

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    The variety of Spanish olive with biggest presence outside our borders and that has reached countries like California, Australia, Chile, Argentina, etc. A phenomenal Extra Virgin Olive Oil for those who want to start their trip in the world of high quality oils. Variety: Arbequina. Bottled: 500 ml.

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    A spectacular Gourmet Pack for not to give up on anything! From Iberian Sausage to the best Galician Seafood through an extraordinary Extra Virgin Olive Oil, one of the best cheeses in Spain ... and much more!

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    White wine (white Rufete, Palomino & Moscatel) Crianza - 8 Vírgenes 2014 (La Zorra Winery) DOP Sierra de Salamanca Grape Variety: 59% Palomino, 29% white Rufete, 12% Moscatel Production: 5.000 bottles. Alcohol: 12,5% vol

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    Visually with mahogany tones. On the nose herbal aromas and delicate fragrance of Mediterranean spices. The palate surprised by the complexity of flavors, citrus notes and slight bitterness leaving a long and pleasant aftertaste. PEÑÍN GUIDE: 88 points.

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    Salt flakes produced in Isla Cristina (Huelva), seasoned with smoked paprika of the region of la Vera, Caceres province. Format: glass jar 100 gr.

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    Small Spanish Sardines in Olive Oil of the prestigious canning company Rosa Lafuente. A healthy and exquisite delicatessen. Format: can with 22 units. Net weight: 120gr. Drained weight: 84gr.

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