Why do we love seafood (from Galicia) so much?

Last week we told you in this blog about the “land seafood”, our beloved Iberico ham. Today, we want to give a brief description about the real seafood from the Galician coast.

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Having tried different types of seafood from four different continents (and admitting that all of them are exquisite and peculiar to each region), we must express our weakness for the sea fruits that Galicia gives us.

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There are several reasons for the uniqueness of Galician seafood and the extraordinary quality and flavour of the canned seafood that comes from this area of northwestern Spain:

  • Water temperature

The particular water temperature in this area favors the rapid growth of certain species of bivalves and crustaceans. In fact, there is hardly any seafood south of the Galician coast (where the water temperature is higher), and the one from areas north of Galicia (such as Ireland or France, with lower water temperatures) has a slower growth.

  • Feeding

The Atlantic ocean currents have blessed the Galician “Rias”. They take up from the deep waters (500-600 meters) a precious food: plankton, thanks to the northerly winds that generate undercurrents. Let’s say, the seafood from the Galician coast actually has the best “take-away” plankton found in the deep sea.

  • Water conductivity

Namely, the amount of salts that the Galician Rias have. As an area with “mixed” seawater and riverwater, its content of salts is ideal for Galician shellfish having plenty of food of extraordinary quality, and a perfect environment for a faster growth.

Quick growth, superb feeding and an excellent environment. May someone ask for more?

marisco gallego

That said, it is obvious that we are talking about an extraordinary product with the highest quality that will make the delight of all of you. Of course, Galicia has not just a few, but so many excellent things: only one of them is seafood. Blessed land.


But we do not want to hurt the feelings and feed the envy of our friends. So we must clarify: after living several years in Galicia we deny that seafood is eaten there everyday. The same way we are not all day eating Iberico ham from Guijuelo in Salamanca!!! Such a pity…

And do not forget to visit our section of Galician canned seafood @ Pecatum Gourmet. Here you will find some of the most delicious fish and shellfish that Galician Rias (Baixas or Low, and High) provide us with: mussels, clams, cockles, octopus, sardines, scallops, razor clams, tuna belly… Enjoy them all!

See you soon!

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