The wonderful world of cheese: Spanish Artisan Cheese

In this post we will show you all what involves a good artisan cheese ellaboration. Its origin, its ingredients, its ellaboration process… You can find a good selection of spanish artisan cheese in our online gourmet shop Pecatum Gourmet. Our favourite: Zamorano cheese Laurus.

Artisan cheese
So many cheeses to choose… But spanish artisan cheese is soooo good!

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Wild Mushrooms: how to collect them, poisonous mushrooms

Wild Mushrooms: life beyond the champignon

I must admit that mushrooms were a totally unknown world for me as a child. In my home only generic mushrooms were known for us, sometimes we dinned “scrambled mushrooms” (simply “mushrooms”, no idea which variety) and “chanterelles” were rara avis. Were they real “wild mushrooms”?

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What is an acorn-fed Iberian ham (Jamón Ibérico)?

Acorn-fed Iberian Ham, Bait Ham, labelling, rules… ¡uf!

Among all the types of Ham, the best is the Acorn-fed Iberian Ham. But a lot of friends ask us about how to distinguish if the ham (jamon) they buy is an Acorn-fed Iberian Ham, or a Serrano Ham, Iberico Ham… And they also want to know if the little pig where it comes from, has eaten acorns at any time in his short life or he just left this world before knowing about its existence.

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Gourmet Sangria: the last trend

The origin of sangria and the new gourmet sangria

Do you want to know more about the origin and history of Sangria? Or to understand the phenomenon of modern gourmet sangria? Although you may prefer to go straight to our selection of gourmet sangrias Luis The Marinero.

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